Mindfulness in the Workplace


work-related stress: THE FACTS

Last year alone, UK businesses lost over £36 billion due to absences in the workforce: 

  • The total number of cases of stress in 2011/12 was 428,000 (40%) out of a total of 1,073,000 for all work-related illnesses (LFS)
  • In 2007/2008 13.5 million working days were lost due to 'stress, depression and anxiety' (HSE)
  • An average of 28.5 days were taken off for each case (HSE).
  • Up to 5 million people in the UK are 'very' or 'extremely' stressed through work (HSE)
  • Up to 500,000 people in the UK have work related stress often resulting in illness (HSE)
  • 'Stress, depression and anxiety' are the second most commonly reported work related illnesses (HSE)

mIndfulness works 

The benefits of mindfulness in managing pain, stress and illness – enhancing concentration, happiness and supporting greater productivity – have been researched for over three decades in a wide range of studies. Mindfulness is also proved to be effective in occupational health and safety management. Mindfulness interventions help employees: 

  • reduce work related stress and the impact it has on health
  • self-manage any health condition(s) they may have
  • return to work after periods of sickness
  • transition back into activity, creativity and productivity.
  • stay at work with greater resilience and better self awareness

conscious city can help

Conscious City offers a range of mindfulness interventions to support employee wellbeing, including:

  • General taster sessions 
  • Wellbeing workshops 
  • Longer bespoke mindfulness courses
  • Individual stress-reduction coaching
  • Individual pain/illness management coaching   

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