Mindfulness for Stress


Pressures of work, family and city life can become an exhausting and overwhelming battle with circumstances. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Because we can’t always change our circumstances but we can transform the way we relate to them. This is what mindfulness helps us do. Through the regular practice of focused attention in the form of meditation we can deepen our capacity to be equally near to, and conscious of, all events and experiences – pleasant and unpleasant – with an attitude of interest, curiosity and kindness. 

By developing a new relationship with the conditions we find ourselves in we begin to respond creatively. Experiences don't overwhelm us and we can remain steady through life's ups and downs.


On the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course you'll learn the skills to:

  • Choose how you feel and respond despite what life throws up
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, enhance your wellbeing and sleep better
  • Make the most of each moment
  • Improve relationships
  • Be more productive and creative
  • Cultivate kindness for self and others
  • Improve memory, attention and decision-making

During the course you'll engage in various activities to foster mindfulness and kindness. These include formal meditation practices, as well as small things to do in the midst of daily life, such as doing a routine task mindfully, taking a break or slowing down a little. 


Courses take place at London Fields Yoga within a friendly, supportive group setting – perfect if you can travel to a location and complete  20–30 minutes daily meditation at home.

Mindfulness for Stress follows a 4-part format, with sessions taking place every other weekend over a 6-week period. Sessions 1–3 last around 4 hours with the final session comprising a half-day retreat.


£250 (individual standard price)

£185 (concessions, including students and those in receipt of state benefits inc. PIP and WTC)

£350 (those funded by organisations)

Materials, including The Little Mindfulness Workbook, The Little Mindfulness Practice Book and MP3 files, are priced separately at £12, which includes 25% discount on the RRP.

BREATHWORKS programmes and products are a development of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) adapted to suit the needs of those with chronic pain, illness or stress and founded on practice-based research. Our research on the clinical benefits of mindfulness revealed that across all scales measured (mood, pain experience, quality of life, catastrophising, and confidence in activity despite pain), the Breathworks approach showed statistically and clinically significant improvement.